Bree + Logan Burgess’ Wedding

Bree + Logan Burgess’ Wedding

Literally couldn’t be happier with the video you made for us. I cried the very first time you showed us, not because it was just my wedding video, but because it was literally so good and unexpected.

You went above and beyond all expectations and I’m glad my friends and family agree that it’s the best wedding video they have -ever- seen. It is the thing I am most proud of about the wedding and I always try to find an excuse to show people.

We love this so much Daren, and are so appreciative of your hard work. Thank you SO much. You know we’ll recommend you every chance we get!”
-Bree & Logan Burgess


I was honored when my friend Logan asked me if I might be interested in filming his wedding, and I was excited to hear it would be at so beautiful a location as The Cliffs Resort in Pismo Beach. As the wedding day approached, Bree and Logan shared some of the ideas about their theme, which would turn out to be: video games and comic books. When I arrived early on the wedding day to begin filming the bride and groom preparations, I got to see just how beautifully they executed their ideas.

Attention to detail

When one thinks video games and comic books as a theme for a wedding, one probably doesn’t immediately think the word “elegant”. But the wedding was exactly that. Elegant, clever, tasteful, and fun. It was all in the attention to detail. Some things will be easy to spot as you watch the video, other things would take an eagle eye. For example, not only were the men’s boutonnières made out of individually themed comic books (Logan’s of course being made out of Wolverine comics), but the bridal party’s headbands were also! All of this in subtle detail, for at a distance, one might think the headbands and boutonnières were simply matching black and white patterns.

To the bride and groom

Thank you for the opportunity to film such a wonderful and beautiful event. I pray you two grow together in love and maturity and retain your playful sense of fun and whimsy! May the memories captured here remind you of your love for one another in the good times and in bad. Always remember what you mean to each other.

Special Thanks to…

The photographer, John Turner from Turned Wedding Films, for all the hard work with the shooting itinerary. Working with you was a total breeze, and I appreciate all the help and advice you gave along the way.

Mike Murray with AMS Entertainment, for your friendly attitude and cooperation, not only in letting me pull audio from your mixing board, but also keeping me apprized on the schedule of events throughout the reception.

And Anna Fergus with The Cliffs Resort, for all your hard work in coordinating the wedding. It was a pleasure working with you!

Finally to The Music Bed, for providing an incredible service. You take the pain out of music licensing!

Songs used:
“Celeste” by Les Enfants / “Ready for Anything” (instrumental) by Landon Austin