Keri + Caleb Bauer’s Wedding

We got the video!! We love it!!! It’s so good! The music and everything is fantastic and just perfect. I can’t wait to show it to my family and friends. Thank you again so much, we are so thrilled with how it turned out!”
-Keri & Caleb Bauer

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I met Keri and Caleb through my old friend Dan. Dan had become friends with the couple, and when they announced their engagement, Dan offered to photograph their engagement session. He talked to them about wedding videography, told them about me, and the rest is history.

elegant and familial

One of the things that stood out to me about the wedding was how much of a family event it was. Of course, it is a wedding and family is always involved, but beyond that, you could see that even the friends were so close that that they considered each other family. Multiple times during the filming, friends spoke of Keri as their sister or their daughter, and of Caleb as their brother and their son. But what also stood out to me in a particularly touching way was the inclusion of Caleb (and now Keri’s) daughters in the ceremony, and the first dance. It was truly a glimpse into the beautiful life ahead of a clearly loving family.

to the bride and groom

I’m so grateful I had the opportunity to be a part of your wedding; you were both so friendly and welcoming right off the bat. Being my first wedding that required traveling a few hundred miles, it was an adventure I am glad to have been able to take. I pray your family grows in love and strength, and forms a lifetime of laughter and memories!

special thanks to…

Brett & Emily, from Brett & Emily Photographers for being so easy to work with. You guys are some seriously hard working people. I enjoyed our conversations, and hope you all the best.

Vynce Sam, AKA DJ Music Phreek for lending me your mixing board to capture the reception audio. Someone with a laid back attitude like yours is always a boon during the busyness behind the scenes. I enjoyed hearing your stories of success–may they continue!

Hin (I don’t think I caught your last name!), you were such a pleasant wedding coordinator to work with, always with a smile, always keeping me apprised; it’d be a pleasure to work with you again.

And of course, my friends Dan Jennings and Kellie Kocher, for being such wonderful people! Thank you for suggesting my videography services, and for letting me stay at your place. Let Nissan and Cadet know I appreciated the use of their couch that first night. Hopefully next time we can visit longer!

Finally, as always, thanks to The Music Bed, for providing an incredible service. You take the pain out of music licensing!

“TONIGHT” BY secret nation / “feeling” BY future of forestry