Support for the Poor (Israel 2015) – A.E.B.M., Inc.

“Support for the Poor (Israel 2015)” – A.E.B.M., Inc.

About the project

One of American European Bethel Mission (A.E.B.M., Inc.)’s annual outreaches is a ministry to help support the poor in Israel. There, they bring the gospel, food, and clothing to alcoholics, drug-addicts, and homeless people all across the nation. They also visit wounded children in hospitals, donating toys for the children and blankets for new mothers in the maternity ward. To see all the ways that A.E.B.M. serves the people in Israel, please watch the video above, and consider checking out their website.

For more information or to donate please visit:

American European Bethel Mission’s website




This was the first time I have attempted a “film-look,” and to start, it was a fairly daunting process. Mainly because that meant installing Magic Lantern onto my only camera! Thankfully, the process went smoothly, and it is now capable of displaying the tools necessary to create the kind of films I have been seeking to create for the past ten years. A momentous occasion indeed!

For me, the most creatively satisfying part of the editing process on this video was the title sequence. The last time I attempted a unique title sequence was for the Healdsburg Art Festival, where I tried my hand at the glitch-technique, a style very different from what I normally employ. Having been satisfied with the results, I wanted to try my hand at it again. This time, with the use of film-emulating LUTS, 35mm film grain, and aerial footage, I wanted to pay a bit of an homage to the title sequences of the 70’s, 80’s, and 90’s; I wanted the titles to interact with the environment. I call this title scene, my “Superman Sequence”.


CAMERAS: Canon s100 // Canon T4i + Magic Lantern
COLOR PROFILE: VisionColor’s VisionTech
MICROPHONE: Shure Lenshopper VP83F
EQUIPMENT: Carry Speed VF4 // Cotton Carrier camera vest
FILMLOOK: Osiris + Impulz LUTS (Vision X, M31, KDX) // 35mm film grain // Letterbox ratio 2.35:1
MUSIC: “Lost and Found” – Katie Herzig (licensed from The Music Bed)